6 Best AI Cartoon Apps 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the worlds of digital art and photography in recent years, offering unparalleled possibilities for the creative process. AI-powered cartoon applications have emerged as a popular option, allowing users to convert ordinary photographs into intriguing and beautiful cartoons with ease.

Among the several options, Remini stands out as the best AI cartoon App, with great capabilities and a user-friendly design that appeals to both seasoned artists and novice photographers. Another greate feature of Remini is Baby AI Generator.

best ai cartoon generator apps

Best AI Cartoon Generator Apps

Feature/AppReminiToonMePrismaClip2ComicCartoon CameraArtisto
Main FocusPhoto EnhancementCartoon TransformationArt Styles TransformationCaricature & Comic RenderingLive Cartoon EffectsVideo & Photo Artwork
Art StylesMultiple (incl. cartoon)Various cartoon styles300+ art stylesComic-style renderingCartoon, sketch, etc.Various (sketch, cartoon, etc.)
Video SupportNoNoNoYesNoYes
Live PreviewNoNoNoYes (Real-time through camera)Yes (Real-time effects)No
Unique Selling Point (USP)Enhances old & blurry photosDisney-style transformationTransforms photos based on famous artExaggerated comic featuresView world in cartoon liveFocuses heavily on videos
Cost StructureFreemium (Free + Paid features)FreemiumFreemiumLikely Freemium (Check specifics)View the world in cartoon liveFreemium

1. Remini (AI Photo Enhancemencer)

remini ai avatars

Why does Remini stand out:

Remini is more than just a comic app. It’s a clever photo enhancer that employs cutting-edge AI deep-learning technology to transform blurry and low-resolution photos into high-resolution masterpieces. The adaptability of Remini is what distinguishes it. While many users appreciate its capacity to recover old photographs, its cartoon filter in particular has received a lot of attention.


  1. AI-powered advanced cartoonization: Utilizes advanced and up-to-date artificial intelligence algorithms to transform regular photos into vibrant and attractive cartoon-style images.
  2. Multiple Cartoon Styles: Remini Mod APK offers a variety of artistic styles to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best suits your preferences or the mood of the image.
  3. Photo Details Preservation: Ensures that important details from the original photo, such as facial expressions and distinctive features, are retained in the cartoon version.
  4. Intensity Adjustment: Remini provides another great feature that allows you to adjust the intensity of cartoon effects with a slider whim as needed.
  5. Batch Processing: Time is precious, especially when you have a collection of photos waiting for that magical touch. For this purpose, Remini provides a magical speedy batch-processing feature, ensuring you make the most of every editing session.

2. ToonMe (Your Own Cartoonist)

ToonMe is the place to go if you’ve ever wanted to see how you’d look as a Disney movie character. This software elevates the selfie game by transforming your images into comics or vector illustrations.


  1. Style Varieties: Choose a style that best expresses you, from vintage cartoons to modern illustrations
  2. Updates on a regular basis: ToonMe keeps the fun going by adding new styles and challenges on a regular basis.
  3. Effortless Batch Magic: Time is precious, and Toon2Me knows it. Edit multiple images at once, because creativity shouldn’t be rushed. Revel in the magic of transforming your entire collection.

3. Prisma (Creating Art from Photographs)

Prisma, while not just cartoon software, deserves a mention for its diverse selection of over 300 art styles. It turns your images into artwork inspired by legendary artists ranging from Van Gogh to Munch.

Main Features

  1. Customization in Depth: Adjust the filter’s intensity to create a subtle or striking piece of artwork.
  2. Characteristics of the Community: Participate in the Prisma community by sharing your artwork and being inspired by others.

4. Clip2Comic (Caricature Entertainment)

Clip2Comic will not disappoint if you want exaggerated features and hilarious caricatures. This program concentrates on giving photos a comic-style depiction, which is ideal for people looking for a unique twist.


The mode of Live Preview: Examine the filters in real-time using your camera
Video Assistance: Make your movies into colorful comic animations instead of just pictures.

5. Live Cartoon World Cartoon Camera

Cartoon Camera is a one-of-a-kind app on this list because it instantly turns the environment around you into a cartoon. It’s as if you’re looking at the world through a different lens – a cartoon lens!


  1. Several Effects: Choose from cartoons, sketch, and many other options.
  2. Simple Sharing: Once you’ve captured the globe in your preferred cartoon style, you can quickly post it on social media

6. Artisto (Art from Videos)

While many apps focus on photographs, Artisto expands into video. You may not only produce gorgeous cartoon images, but you can also turn your films into animated artworks.


  1. Rapid Processing: Despite dealing with videos, the AI works rapidly to provide results without excessive delays.
  2. A Wide Range of Styles: Choose what suits your mood, from sketches and cartoons to more abstract, artsy forms.

AI Cartoon Apps use artificial intelligence to convert ordinary photographs into cartoon-like graphics.

While typical photo editors allow for manual edits, AI cartoon apps use deep learning to make cartoon effects automatically.

Most respectable apps value user privacy but always read the app’s privacy policy to ensure the security of your data.

Many AI cartoon apps are available for free with limited functionality, however, premium features may demand payment.

While some programs specialize in faces, many others can turn any image into a cartoon.


In an age when expressing oneself digitally is just as important as expressing oneself in person, AI cartoon apps provide an enjoyable and creative outlet. While Remini leads the field in terms of variety and superior technology, each app on this list takes a different approach to transforming mundane situations into cartoon miracles. Dive in, play around, and let your digital self-portrait be as dynamic and entertaining as you are!

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