Best AI Photo Enhancer Apps 2024

With the evolution of handy mobile phone cameras replacing traditional photography equipment, various software applications have emerged to edit and enhance photos. In the early stages, all photo editing apps were manual.

Those manual applications demanded significant time and human creativity. However, the landscape has transformed with the advent of artificial intelligence-based photo enhancer apps. These apps make the editing process much simpler, requiring just one click for impressive results.

best ai photo enhancng apps

Artificial Intelligence is indeed becoming a boon for users, influencing every aspect of modern-day technology. One notable area of impact is the field of photo editing, where the once burdensome task is progressively becoming more accessible.

On the Android platform, there are widely reputed applications that offer easy-to-use, on-the-go photo enhancement. These applications allow users to enhance previously blurred photos, applying AI algorithms to generate noiseless, filtered images.

Furthermore, specific photo-enhancing applications on Android go beyond basic adjustments like brightness, contrast, and color saturation. They offer advanced features such as noise reduction, sharpening, and a variety of filters to make photos more appealing and vibrant.

In this article, we will introduce one of the best AI photo enhancing applications. Not only is it user-friendly, but it also consistently produces mesmerizing results. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or a casual user, the advancements in AI technology make photo enhancement accessible to everyone, eliminating the need for professional expertise.

Best AI Photo Editing Apps

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom, a product of the widely celebrated Adobe Inc., has extended its professional-level photo editing and enhancement capabilities to mobile users. The mobile application mirrors the features found in its PC version, offering a comprehensive set of tools for users seeking authentic and high-quality results.

The feature package includes Masking, Healing, Crops, Presets, Auto, Light, and Color schemes. These features empower professional photographers to modify their photos on mobile devices, ensuring a seamless transition from desktop to mobile editing.

Notably, the Preset tool in Lightroom is a standout feature. It recommends options for photo structure and rapid enhancement through categorized theme sets. The app provides users with nine presets for efficient and high-quality editing, streamlining the editing process for convenience.

Within the editing tool, users can access the Auto AI editing tool, which systematically refines photos based on the source image. This feature, coupled with the ability to customize color schemes according to personal preferences, establishes Lightroom as an AI app that provides a high level of control over professional photo editing and enhancement.

In summary, Adobe Lightroom’s mobile application stands as a powerful tool for photographers, offering a range of features that enable seamless and professional-level photo editing on the go. Whether it’s through the precise editing tools or the intuitive AI features, Lightroom ensures that users have the necessary tools for enhancing their mobile photography with authenticity and control.

2. PhotoRoom AI Photo Editor

PhotoRoom is another application available on playstore that improvises a variety of functions to the users. It aids in editing, design and enhancing the photos. One can fully rely on the all-in-all features in this app. 

The featured background removal of the photos, using template and you all are set to create the content of your own. By enhancing the photos with the help of AI, the photos look more exquisite and crystalline.

Photoroom lets you enhance and retouch the hazy photos on one touch and you can also edit the photos in bulk by using the premium function of the app. This app is too easy to use and produces commendable results.

3. Remini AI Photo Enhancer

The Artificial Intelligence of the Remini Pro Mod APK offers a comprehensive service, enhancing the experience of engaging with social media in a more convenient manner. Remini goes beyond mere photo enhancement; it can also retouch and create clear versions of your old photos, suggesting practical color schemes and contrast to rejuvenate old memories. Notably, there are three features in Remini that can be unlocked by watching free ads: color, background, and face beauty.

The application boasts a series of 40+ AI filters, enriching photos to create a more immersive visual experience. Additionally, the AI photo feature allows users to generate in-app model images, showcasing the app’s versatility in creating unique and personalized content. Remini, with its AI-driven capabilities, stands as a valuable tool for both enhancing old memories and creating visually stunning images for social media engagement.

Check: Remini Old Version APK

4. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is one of the most widely used photo enhancing app for android users. Instantly you can enhance your photos or selfies for social media or any other display photo. Its “AI Enhance” tool that is found in the editing tab offers free and quick enhancement of your photos. 

Another option is the “Beautify” tool which also maintains a wide range of schemes for your photo retouch. One click on this app lets you sharpen the photos and gives a blur-free result at once. In addition to these this app provides a wholesome range of avatars and outfits that you can apply on the picture by adjustment.

The blurry and hazy photos clicked in a dark environment can also be mutated into detailed and enhanced photos. 

5. Snapseed

Snapseed, owned by Google LLC, offers an entire range of photo editing with a simple and user-friendly interface. It consists of unique features like “Head Pose”, “Tune Images” and “Grunge” which prove handy for anyone. “Vintage” photo effects plus advanced features of “White Balance” and “HDR Scape”, Snapseed comprises 25+ photo-enhancing tools.

It also has 10+ photo enhancing effects in the “Looks” feature which places it in the elite section photo enhancer tools.

Moreover, it has “Raw Develop”, “Tune image”, “Crop”, “Detail”, “Rotate”, “Perspective”, “Brush”, “Selective”, “Healing”, “Text”, “Curves”, “Lens Blur”, “Glamour Glow”, “Tonal Contrast”, “Drama”, “Grainy Film”, “Retrolux”, “Noir”, “Black and White”, “Double Exposure”, and “Face Enhance”.

6. Photo Editor Pro-Polish

Photo editor Pro is the complete package for photo enhancing that is needed. With its user-friendly and spontaneous interface the job of pro-editing is a piece of cake. It can remove background, create photo-collage, facetune, and make intimidating stickers. One can add dandy effects, filters for pictures and presets for retouch of blurred photos. 

AI photo generator makes AI anime, face swaps and gender swap as well. AI editor also enables you to directly post your artwork without the watermark and HD resolution to social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. It also provides Mosaic and Shape Drawing features in the Draw tool.

7. Pixlr

With this editing app one can turn the old and blurry picture into revitalised and lucid ones. Pixelup uses the AI algorithms to determine the exact styles and polishes the picture into a more detailed and attractive one. This app uses free editing after watching ads. 

You can also get the pro version by subscribing for ads free and swift experience. Users, by scanning the old photos to get the colourful and revised copy. It is recommended for both beginners and professionals. This app has options like Double contrast, adjustments, autofix, auto-contrast, blur, splash, heal, sharpen, red-eye, and smooth.

8. Pixelup

The last on our list is Pixelup AI, which gives incredible results. It also gives the same panoramic photo enhancement by using the AI algorithm. You can heal the scratches and restore the blurry old fashioned photos. It uses the Descartch tool to modify these photos. Its free version is limited as it allows only 3 photos to be enhanced per day. It can also enhance the photos captured by the phone cam. It provides High Definitions photos by adjusting the details.


In conclusion, AI photo enhancer apps like Adobe Lightroom and Remini redefine photography, democratizing professional-grade editing for all users. From advanced enhancements to in-app model image creation, these apps represent a transformative shift, making high-quality photo editing effortlessly accessible in the AI era.

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